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YMCA World Challenge

Imagine a global celebration with 5 million people…

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Date: 13th October 2012

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The Idea

Imagine a global celebration with 5 million people...

The aim of the YMCA World Challenge is to tell the YMCA story by mobilizing 5 million people on the same day.

A day to show to our communities and the world how the YMCA is empowering young people and transforming communities, using culture, sports, education, exchange programs, spiritual development and many other tools and activities.

This is also a day for us to get to know more about ourselves as a global organization and our collective potential to do things together, connecting the whole world and have fun while doing it!

Ok; but what should I do?

All you have to do is to organize a local YMCA event and invite your YMCA members and surrounding communities, to showcase the best of our programs, projects and initiatives.

It can be anything that comes to mind. A concert, a photo exhibition, a conference, a basketball tournament , a lecture, a service etc. Be innovative! You are the best placed to define what is attractive to your community.

What you have to remember is that the main focus is to introduce the YMCA as a global movement empowering young people!

Common activities

  • For the year 2012 we will shall have a common activity integrated to our events locally. It is a collective basketball shoot.

All the guests/participants of your local event should be invited to shoot a basketball and by doing this, we will also attempt to reach the largest number of people shooting basketballs in one day!

  • Send photos of the event to be published on our special website on the same day. A special e-mail address will be announced.

YMCA World Challenge website: http://challenge.ymca.int