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9th March 2023

Bridging the digital divide: How the YMCA Moldova team brought the Digital Centre concept to Life

Continuing the mission of accelerating digital equity and education in the Republic of Moldova, the YMCA team is enabling more institutions to have access to the latest technology and devices, ensuring a smooth development of state-of-the-art digital hubs for their students.

Digitalization has always been a key objective for educational institutions, however, through "Digital Education Centres in the Republic of Moldova", a project implemented by YMCA, powered by HP Inc, young people from marginalized communities can access the same opportunities when it comes to access to devices and the latest technology.

The team has already supported 200 institutions in designing and implementing their digital hub for their students, young people, and learners from all walks of life with a focus on young people from disadvantaged communities and Ukrainian refugees in remote or rural areas.

In order to implement digitization programs, there is a need for expertise and plenty of dedication, but most of all ingenuity and a great deal of creativity.

Dorotcaia Theoretical High School, from Dubasari region, one of their beneficiaries, has received 20 laptops that are already utilized in information technology classes. This donation represents a real asset for facilitating the classes and running workshops, for both students and teachers.

The secret of this smooth development of the program lies in the multitude of partnerships and networks the team at YMCA Moldova is utilizing. Creating digital centers can be a real challenge, but with a team of young dedicated volunteers and youth workers, and with the help of local entrepreneurs they manage to bring their projects to fruition. 

At Dorotcaia High School, the team found a creative way to facilitate the implementation of digital workshops. "What is the twist", you may ask - "The Digital Centre" is not a designated venue in its traditional sense, but rather a mobile locker that goes from class to class, serving all the students in the high school.

Digitality on wheels, as some might call it. This idea of a portable digital locker comes from a local entrepreneur and the idea, financial resources, and implementation has been put forward together with the alumni of the institution. It is indeed a creative idea that showcases the practicality and importance of thinking "outside the box", or in this case "outside a physical venue", an understanding of the meaning of the digital center - as a concept.

Equally significant are the developments at the "Mihai Eminescu" Theoretical High School in Anenii Noi, where the team has contributed towards the setting and functioning of a “Digital Education Centre”. The students have a designated computer lab and a multimedia room where they can run their workshops, classes, and projects. 

Complementary to this, the high school also has a mobile locker - a "digital hub" - making it easier for the teachers and students to transport the devices from class to class. The team had a well thought process to ensure digital -flexibility and ease of access to all the resources.

This initiative could not have been made possible without the active and fruitful partnership with the local authorities of Anenii Noi. The strong support of the Mayor of Anenii Noi, Mr Matarin Alexandr is opening an avenue of collaboration and the possibility of great developments for youth services in the area. 

The team at YMCA Moldova has truly emphasized the importance of community and partnership building when attempting to design such an ambitious project, as digital equity can only be obtained through skills and creative idea sharing.

And we are curious for what else is coming up from this incredibly young and talented team- so stay tuned for more updates.

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