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10th April 2018

In its meeting in February 2018 the Executive Committee of YMCA Europe established the “YMCA Europe Working Group on Refugees” and adopted its Terms of Reference.

The Working Group should play an important role in the implementation of our Strategy 2016-2020 in which the YMCA work for refugees is mentioned as a priority.

When using the word "Refugees", we include refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and internally displaced persons.

The Working Group is composed as follows:

  • Mary Antelo (Spain; CEO YMCA Valencia);
  • Stuart Buchanan (Ireland; CEO YMCA North Down);
  • Ed Eggink (the Netherlands; Chairman of the Working Group);
  • Milla Mäkinen (Finland; National Staff refugee work);
  • Edgar Mifsud (Malta/Cyprus; liaison Executive Committee);
  • Kylie Muscat (Malta; Head YMCA Homeless Shelter);
  • Paola Petracchi (Italy; National General Secretary);
  • Viktor Serbulov (Ukraine; National General Secretary);
  • Anthea Roth (Germany; Staff YMCA Esslingen);
  • Ivan Sterjoski (Macedonia; Member National Executive Committee).

Ilenia Ventroni and Adam Rychlik from YMCA Europe's Staff are available to facilitate the Working Group.

The Working Group had its first meeting on 28th. March and spoke, amongst others, about preparing its working programme for 2018/2019; the preparation of a Workshop at the General Assembly on 11th. May; organising a review to inventorise the existing and planned YMCA programmes and projects with and for refugees in Europe, on all levels of our Movement; looking ahead to the YMCA175 event in London (August 2019) etc.

The Working Group will actively involve our National Movements later this year. The next meeting of the Working Group will be on 10th. May, before the start of the General Assembly.

Author/Source: Ed Eggink - Chairman of the Working Group