„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


15th March 2018

We will run a series of webinars dedicated to fundraising, hoping to help you to apply for different funding opportunities.

YMCA Europe is happy to present to you its latest opportunity open to all members.

The first of our webinars will be aimed at helping you to apply for Erasmus + funding. Some of our member movements have some experience with the tool, but others don't, or have had mixed results, and we would like to strengthen your capacity helping you with this very useful tool to support your activities.

You can choose any of your staff or volunteers to participate to the webinar, or even offer it to your local members. The webinar will be run in English.

Our First Webinar will have the following contents:

1. What's Erasmus+
a. General Objectives to match |
b. Specific Objectives |

2. Key Actions
a. Key Action 1 | Type of activities and objectives
b. Key Action 2 | Type of activities and objectives
c. Key Action 3 | Type of activities and objectives

3. Key Action 1: our main tool
a. How to fill in an application | Dos and Donts
b. Winning contents and themes|
c. Budget specifications |
d. Differences among National Agencies - confronting experiences

4. European Solidarity Corps: the new EVS
a. What changes |
b. Possible evolution of the tool|
c. Using the ESC - confronting experiences
5. Q&A

The webinar will run over a period on 1.5/2 hours (depending on the time needed for the Q&A) on April 12th 2018, and it will be run over Skype. To be able to participate, please register by providing your data at this link, before April 5th.

If you already have an issue related to Erasmus+ you'd like to see discussed during the seminar, please also indicate that in the survey