„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


28th April 2019

Our annual report gives a snapshot of our activities and the work we have done during 2018 In cooperation with 37 national YMCAs, to positively influence the lives of young people.

On behalf of our Executive Committee and Staff Team, we are pleased to introduce YMCA Europe´s 2018 Annual Report.

This has been another year of great developments and change.

Europe and the entire world have also faced important social changes affecting young people within our communities. Our capacity to positively respond to those realities through programmes and actions is clearly visible through the data and general information that we share in the Report. You will find concrete figures about the impact of our programmes and actions as we have completed the third year of our current Strategic Plan (2016-2018). We have followed the three strategic objectives that were approved by our member YMCAs when the overall purpose of YMCA was agreed for this period. We are expected to “create spaces”, to “strengthen” and to “represent” the YMCA movement across Europe. In cooperation with 37 national YMCAs, in 2018 we published updated data that shows the reality of our network. 4,105 local YMCAs, involving 95,500 volunteers and more than 20,000 staff working with one purpose: to positively influence the lives of young people. Though the research we also learned that collectively we reach over 2 million beneficiaries annually. This report only includes information about the initiatives led by YMCA Europe and our programme groups but we are aware that our joint impact is higher if we would add all actions that each local association develops annually.

Europe and the global context are living important social, economic and technological changes. Therefore our work also needs to evolve finding the best structures, procedures, and programmes to maximize our impact and increase our relevance. This year our Executive Committee started a review of our structures and dynamics combined with an evaluation of the developments of our office in Brussels opened in 2016. Following the change of Administration at World YMCA, we have also strengthened the need for alignment and deeper collaboration with the global movement sharing resources and being more effective as umbrella organizations serving our national YMCAs. As we plan and prepare for our 175thanniversary through a major global event that will be held in London in August 2019 in partnership with key stakeholders within our movement, YMCA Europe´s purpose is to provide a unique and positive experience to more than 4,000 delegates from all over the world. YMCA175 will be a dynamic platform for young leaders sharing their experiences in social transformation with one purpose: shape a positive future.

We encourage you to follow our developments through our web page, communication platforms, monthly newsletters and social media. There you will find inspiring testimonials endorsing the different project initiatives and will learn about the developments of YMCAs in the local and national contexts.

The achievements that you will find in this report would not be possible without you. Volunteers, staff, supporters and each of the persons that lead projects in different European contexts. We thank all our partners in Europe and overseas. Your commitment is our strength and inspiration!

Thank you,

Mike Will                         Juan Simoes Iglesias
President                         Secretary General

A pdf version of the Annual Report is available for download here.