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25th February 2019

Peace Work Institute Tandem Projects and Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool Reports

“Roots for Reconciliation” is a YMCA Europe project and is currently going through third implementation phase (2016-2019).

The project aim is to promote stronger youth activism towards peaceful transformation of conflicts in Europe. To this end the following overall objective is set to be achieved: through enhancing the skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, perceptions and circumstances of young women and men affected by conflicts to change their approaches and behaviour for peace.

The current phase of RfR consists of three main project components:

  1. Local Capacities for Peace;
  2. Peace Work Institute & subsequent Tandem Grant Tool Projects;
  3. Reflecting on Peace Practices.

Two major components of project have been implemented in 2018:

  1. Tandem Grant Tool Projects;
  2. Local Capacities for Peace Projects. 

The Tandem Grant Tool

The Tandem Grant Tool project component forms part of a larger scheme within YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation project: the Peace Work Institute.

The aim of Peace Work Institute is to ensure capacity building and empowerment of the next generation of youth competent leaders and multipliers in conflict transformation work.

Peace Work Institute was a series of activities in a logical continuum of two years, including:

  • Training sessions composed of two (2) one-week-long residential seminars (April 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia & November 2017, Berlin, Germany).
  • After completion of training sessions, Allocation of Tandem Grant Funds to the graduates of Peace Work Institute for the implementation of conflict transformation activities between pairs and groups comprising several partners and based on initiatives elaborated during PWI training sessions;
  • Reunion of alumni of two Roots for Reconciliation Peace Work Institute series - a one-week-long residential seminar (to be held in Toledo, Spain in April 2019).

“Art4Peace” was the initiative elaborated by Peace Work Institute Graduates from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine during Berlin PWI Session in November 2017. It was held at YMCA Georgia Community Resource Center “Camp Orange” on August 27- September 02, 2018. The project was co-funded by the Embassy of USA in Georgia.

 “P.E.A.C.E. – Peace, e-Activism & Campaigning Education”.  In cooperation and with the guidance of Roots for Reconciliation staff team, Ani Arakelyan from Armenia, Adrian Davies from Kosovo, Anzhelika Zakaryan from Nagorno Karabakh, Fiona Shyti from Kosovo, Irina Berdzenishvili from Georgia, Helena Hajkova from Slovakia, Maksym Studilko from Ukraine, Maria Costa from Portugal, Petr Bozhychko from Russia and Andreea Lazar from Romania, developed the idea of the project during the Berlin PWI Session in November 2017 and further tailored it to be submitted to the Council of Europe. The application was successfully granted & the Activity was held in cooperation with and at Council of Europe Youth Center in Budapest, Hungary on September 16 - 22, 2018

The Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool

The Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool is a new Roots for Reconciliation element, yet its concept has been developed based on the best practices of the previous two project phases. It aims at strengthening the local capacities for peace in the region of South Caucasus and Eastern Europe, through structured follow-up of the Roots for Reconciliation Peace Work Institute alumni and continued cross-border and regional cooperation further opening up the capacities built and benefits created by the project so far, both human resources and assets considered.

The LCP SGT projects are estimated to enroll at least 100 participants per each round as direct beneficiaries, with average 4 possible cross-border or regional activity scenarios, such as youth peace camps and reunions, summer academies and day schools, exchange and study visits, refugee or IDP rehabilitation initiatives, etc.

In 2018, 4 projects were granted:

 - “C.A.M.P.  Change! Act! Make! Peace!” |YMCA Georgia |August 2018 (rescheduled for 2019 due to logistical and organizational reasons)
 - Camp Awesome by Syrian Armenians | July - September 2018
 - Camp for Life in Karabakh | July 2018
 - Impulse for cross-border dialogue | Russia - Belarus, November - December 2018

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