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9th December 2020

A new Executive Committee was elected under the Presidency of Emma Osmundsen from YMCA England & Wales.

The YMCA movement wishes all the best to this new team as they start their term and lead the design of our new Strategy in cooperation with the National YMCAs.

emma President: Mrs. Emma Osmundsen - England & Wales

Trustee of YMCA Exeter since 2011, trustee of YMCA England & Wales since 2016.

Property professional (25 years) with specialist skills in asset management & property development. Extensive board experience (charitable & commercial). Group managing director of commercial Property Development Company.

Emma has a strong commitment with the social sector and international cooperation initiatives with a focus on strategic planning, institutional development and youth empowerment.

jenniVice President: Mrs. Jenni Enqvist - Finland

Member of local boards since 1990’s, National board member experience for more than 15 years. Leader of YMCA Europe´s Field Group for YMCA Kosovo 2012-2017. Jenni is strongly committed to movement strengthening strategies. 

Jenni is a Business Consultant, she likes new challenges, finding solutions and helping people in the process of change.

silviaTreasurer: Mrs. Silvia Lazaridis - Germany

Recording secretary (Board of YMCA Munich) since 2016,  volunteer service at YMCA Peru 2002-2003, Christian Orientation Group member since 2009 and Chair of Nomination Committee 2012-2016 at YMCA Europe.

In addition to the above Board and Committee positions, Silvia has been a YMCA member and volunteer for youth work since 1997 and currently she serves weekly at the Munich YMCA youth centre. She has a natural capacity to connect the local and national level with the international dimension of the movement. 

dianaRecording Secretary: Mrs. Diana Zarembiene - Lithuania

Diana is member of the National Board of YWCA-YMCA Lithuania and member of the Executive Committee of YMCA Europe (Assessor 2014 - 2016  Recording Secretary: 2016-2020).

Diana is also a member of the Organising Committee of International Christmas Charity Bazaar (big fundraising initiative of international, diplomatic community in Lithuania) and Blossom of Hope (fundraising project to fight breast cancer) by the International Women's Association of Vilnius.

Communications professional and event & programme organiser, Diana also strengthens the role of civil society through the organizations where she serves. 




pascalMr. Pascal Rosenthal - Germany

Assessor to the board of YMCA Europe since 2018, chairman of the regional working group on confirmation youth camps in Germany.

Pascal has experience at YMCA Europe´s governance, many years of “grassroots experience” in working with children and teenagers and within the international context with a special focus on youth empowerment and movement strengthening. 

enekoMr. Eneko López de Dicastillo - Spain

Eneko is member and current President of the Local Advisory Board of YMCA Aragon since 2016, member of the National Assembly YMCA Spain since 2017 and member of the Treasury Committee YMCA Spain since 2018.

He enjoys sharing his free time and energy in other volunteering actions with high impact on social and heath areas, such as fundraising for cancer research and treatment. Eneko combines management skills with experience in socially relevant projects.

marinaMs. Marina Martynenko - Russia

Marina has been a Board member of the YMCA Russia since 2018, volunteering as one of the key leaders at YMCA Moscow.

Graduate of the training: Leadership Academy, Roots for Reconciliation (Peace Work Institute Alumni), TtT and other national and international projects. She is committed to the three dimensions of YMCA work : local, national, international.  

vitaliiMr. Vitalii Bokhniak - Ukraine

Vitalii is a former member of the YMCA Kyiv Executive Board (2017-2018) and present Head of the YMCA Kyiv Supervisory board (2019-2021). He is member of the YMCA National Board (2019-2022)

Vitalii has experience in managing projects both with limited budgets and also with larger budgets. He has also developed and implemented growth strategies for different NGOs and regions in Ukraine with an emphasis on institutional viability, mission clarity and project impact for different social sectors. 

richardMr. Richard Schweizer - Switzerland

Richard is volunteering in a local YMCA scouts group as a scouts and sports camp leader.

Regionally he is also volunteering as course instructor and at the national level he is member of the international committee of YMCA/YWCA Switzerland. Therefore his experience covers the three levels : local, national and international with a focus on youth led projects. 


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