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28th October 2018

At YMCA Europe's 2018 General Assembly in May in Germany, the YMCA 175 Birthday Campaign has been launched officially.

Launch of Campaign

The goal of this fundraising campaign is to motivate at least 1.000 local YMCAs or individuals all over Europe, and worldwide, to donate each an amount of 175 Euro. The campaign will run one year, until 2019, when the YMCA will celebrate its 175th Birthday. 

Your support will directly facilitate the participation of young people at the YMCA 175 Event from 4th to 8th of August 2019 in London, by contributing to programmatic and infrastructure costs.

Our fundraise goal is the amount of 175.000 Euro which YMCA Europe intend to use to support the participation of young people at our Event YMCA175 from 4-8 August 2019 in London.

  • Campaign materials (collecting boxes, postcards) can be ordered at our office in Prague, emailing at 175[at]ymcaeurope.com
  • A Roll-Up can be borrowed, too.

Current Stand of donations

  • Fundraise goal: 1.000 persons/YMCA = 175,000 Euro (100 %)
  • Pledges: 84 persons/YMCAs = 22,325 Euro (12,76 %)
  • Received donations: 20 persons/YMCAs = 4,980 Euro (2,8 %)

Thank you to all our donors for your support and pledges! 

Please share and ask your YMCA friends to join in!

Success Stories

Simon Kouba from the East Jerusalem YMCA in Palestine became a donor of our 175 Birthday Campaign! At World Council, Simon handed his contribution to our Treasurer Beate Turck. Thank you Simon!

Our treasurer, Beate Turck presented the campaign at the CVJM-Westbund General Assembly in September in Wuppertal, Germany. CVJM-Westbund with its 580 local YMCAs and almost 70.000 YMCA members is the biggest member movement of YMCA Germany. Already some local YMCAs supported our campaign. Thank you!

We are interested in your stories! Share your activities with us!

If you want to join the Campaign, its very easy: just follow the link HERE and get involved! Thank you in advance!

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