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11th May 2018

YMCA 175 will take place at ExCeL London in August 2019, in the heart of the city where the YMCA was founded.

We will celebrate 175 years of the YMCA bringing together 5,000 YMCA members from all over the world, sharing our achievements and addressing today´s most compelling social issues.

Training sessions on relevant issues, workshops, live concerts, sports and cultural activities will be the main attractions with a concrete goal: helping local and national YMCAs to build the next generation of YMCA leaders, learning and sharing skills in a youth friendly environment.

We are determined to reach that goal and therefore we want to ask for your support. Please consider becoming a donor at our YMCA 175 Birthday Campaign as your support will directly facilitate the participation of young people at the Event by contributing to programmatic and infrastructure costs.

For some of you 175 euros may seem a small amount. Of course, we shall be happy if you can offer a higher amount. Every contribution counts from May 2018 until June 2019. The contributions can be individual or collective (local, regional, national YMCAs) and can be done instantly (clicking on DONATE button below), by bank transfer (info available below), or through donations at your local YMCA where we have placed cash boxes. Receipts and certificates about the donations will be provided to donors and they will be recognized during the YMCA 175 event.

Thank you for seriously considering our campaign to provide such an experience of thousands of young people!

Mike Will                          Juan Simoes Iglesias

President                             Secretary General


Bank details:

European Alliance of YMCAs
Na Porici 12, CZ-110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Komercni Banka a.s.
Havlickova 13, CZ-111 21 Prague 1, Czech Republic
EUR IBAN No: CZ84 0100 0000 1955 7969 0217
USD IBAN No: CZ70 0100 0000 2766 3417 0287
CZ77 0100 0001 1567 0103 0277 

CZK IBAN No: CZ10 0100 0000 1955 7968 0297

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