„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


21st June 2017

The second session of YMCA Europe Leadership Academy gathered 29 young leaders from 19 countries in Chisinau, Moldova between 11th and 16th of June.

The participants were suggested to discuss the missions of their YMCAs first, so to recall meaning of existing of their CSOs. Then the group recalled human right based approach and talked in details about vulnerable groups of people, their rights, their needs and if their YMCAs are socially relevant NGOs. The notion of social relevance was looked at from different angles.

When the participants identified the needs of their target groups and the changes they want to create thanks to their programs, they managed to see how their strategic plans might look like and what the process of their creation is.

Taking human rights based approach as a value, having seen the mission, having identified strategic directions, the young people could start thinking about concrete projects which can help them create the change they seek for. Different aspects of project management were introduced: project cycle and its steps, coaching leadership, concrete tips for writing a proposal and applying for funds. After the second session the youth plans to implement their own socially relevant mini-projects.

A remarkable part of the program was presentation of homework. The participants were given the floor to tell about the governance meetings, which they organized after the 1-st session in their YMCAs. 12 meetings for near 135 people were run by the participants of YLA. This is a big result that many Ys started to think about governance in their organizations and its improvement.

The young leaders had an opportunity to see a little bit of Moldova, to hear about several examples of socially relevant work, which YMCA Moldova provides.

It is very important that leaders of YMCA are introduced to a holistic approach to movement strengthening and are encouraged to start thinking about it from mission, impact, changes they want to create and proceed with the actions and resources as instruments.

Full photo album of the event


Author/Source: Olga Lukina