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8th November 2017

The training course is aimed at training Board members (or potential and promising young leaders) who will be able to work in local, National and International contexts as well.

As new generations of leaders are growing, we want to ensure their growth as professionals and create an International network.

The "Leadership Academy" will consist of 3 sessions and fulfillment of homework between the sessions. Each session will last for 4 full days.

Schedule of the sessions:
I session: 6-11 February 2018, Italy or Portugal
II session: 24-29 April, 2018, Denmark or France
III session: October - November 2018, venue to be decided

The participation to all sessions is obligatory!

The "Leadership Academy" invites about 30 participants from various countries of Europe. The participants of the "Leadership Academy" will receive knowledge and master their skills in topics as:

  1. Leadership: human rights, human rights based approach, leadership in an NGO, main competences of a leader, self-development, etc.;
  2. Governance: democratic governance, governance and management, functions of governance bodies, main responsibilities of the Board;
  3. Strategic planning: mission awareness, social relevance, understanding the needs of the target groups, how to make a strategic plan;
  4. Advocacy and lobbying: the notion of advocacy, political system and decision making process, levels of social participation, instruments of advocacy, partnership and cooperation;
  5. International cooperation: global citizenship, peculiarities of International work, Inter-cultural communication.

Homework will include:

After the 1-st session: the participants of the "Leadership Academy" deliver "Seminars on Governance" to the Board members in their NGOs;
After the 2-nd session: the participants elaborate and implement socially relevant mini-projects aimed at answering the needs of the target groups and providing adequate services for young people.

The project's team: experienced YMCA leaders and trainers, including:

  • Tina Larionova (YMCA Russia President, as trainer),
  • Martina Hudcovska (YMCA Europe Financial Executive Secretary),
  • Ilenia Ventroni (YMCA Europe Advocacy, Project and Fundraising Officer),
  • Olga Lukina (YMCA Europe Regional Assistant for Movement Strengthening and Project Management, as trainer),
  • other experts.

The methodology of the training course will be based on interactive methods of education.

Criteria for choosing the participants:

  • Active or potential Board members of YMCAs (National and local Boards) and other NGOs with a potential to grow further, aged 18 to 29 years old;
  • The participants should clearly understand and agree for participation in all three sessions and fulfill homework;
  • The participants (or their YMCAs) pay participation fee at the first session. The amount is below.
  • The participants should possess a good command of English to be able to communicate;
  • The participants should send a motivation letter stating why they want to be part of the training course "Leadership Academy".
  • The project team will agree the selected participants with National movements.
    The responsibility of National movements:
  • To provide mentoring at all levels, especially at the stage of mini-projects' implementation and organizing seminars on governance;
  • To provide further involvement of the participants in YMCA activities at local and national levels.

The participation fee is 880 euro for Western and Northern Europe, 440 euro for Central and Southern Europe, 220 euro for Eastern Europe, Balkans and Caucasus. Partial subsidies will be available depending on the results of the grant applications. In case of approval YE will reduce participation fees significantly.

We encourage National movements to share the total cost between the participants, local and National organizations. Such politics will minimize costs for each mentioned body and will raise motivation for a person to participate actively; for local and National Ys - to include these people fully in work of the Y.

The participation fee mentioned above covers travel cost, board, lodging and training itself.

The deadline for sending application is 25 November 2017

We will announce a list of chosen participants and results of grant applications around the 10th of December 2017.

You can apply here

Find out more about YMCA Leadership Academy 2017. Session in Litomysl and session in Chisinau.


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