„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


16th February 2018

If you want to volunteer in Germany, now is your chance!

The European voluntary service of the YMCA "Schlesische Oberlausitz" offers young people the opportunity to spend one year in Germany. You would work in a project with children or youth.

School Club of the YMCA Kodersdorf

The YMCA Kodersdorf is a Christian organization which promotes the equality of every person. Its services concentrate on providing opportunities to each individual to grow and develop holistically, body, mind and spirit. So we are organising activities in the school club of the secondary school in the village Kodersdorf. Their purpose is to offer a home to the pupils within school where they can feel fine and they are encouraged and get the possibility to develop their personality and talents. Learn more

Esta e. V. - school club

The association esta e. V. is a Christian Youth Organisation that faces many challenges and difficult circumstances e.g. high unemployment, single parent families and a growing drug problem in the most eastern city Görlitz on the Polish border. Learn more

CVJM (YMCA) Luckau e. V.

The YMCA Luckau organises activities for children and young people. The CVJM Luckau e. V. is part of the international YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association organization). The association was founded in 2001. The youth house modernised in the last years has many opportunities for young people to spend their free time there. The YMCA Luckau has a clear Christian self-understanding with an interdenominational adjustment. Learn more

Protestant primary school Görlitz „Dietrich Heise"

Volunteers will take part in self plant activities during school breaks and afternoon school periods and support the children doing homework. They also support children in special areas and with special needs. Learn more

If you are interested you can contact Sibylle Warnatsch: sibylle.warnatsch@cvjm-schlesien.de