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23rd October 2017

“Youth as Stewards of Our Planet for a More Fraternal and Supportive Society”

Evelyna Symeonidou from YMCA Thessaloniki, participant of our Leadership Academy, represented YMCA Europe at the Vatican Youth Symposium 2017, 13-15 October. This is an experience that illustrates how YMCAs from Local, National, International and World movements cooperated with each other and with a young leader, to ensure a successful participation and best preparation to any kind of event.

The aim of the Symposium was to bring young people together, age 18-31 years old, from organizations from all around the world to share best practices in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The participants were from more than 30 countries and represented at least 40 leading global organizations to discuss how Youth can be Stewards of Our Planet for a More Fraternal & Supportive Society and the purpose of this meeting was to bring young advocates from communities and leading organizations in sharing success stories on achieving the SDGs. All the participants had to prepare a speech, maximum 10 minutes and YMCA Europe had to elaborate on the topic of Partnership & Solidarity. You can catch on Evelyna`s performance on the YouTube window bellow (starting from min. 6`32).


More about Evelyna`s experience here.