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Roots for Reconciliation Local Capacities for Peace Program Committee Meeting

Local Capacities for Peace project component has been developed based on best practices and experience obtained from previous two phases of Roots for Reconciliation project.

Category: YMCA Europe events
Date: 9th May 2018 - 13th May 2018
Place: Hintersee, Germany

It aims at strengthening the local capacities for peace in the region of South Caucasus, through structured follow-up of local RfR PWI alumni from Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno Karabakh and continued cross-border and regional cooperation; to further enhance the capacities built and benefits created by the RfR so far, both human resources and assets considered.

To achieve this goal, The Seed Grant Tool project component is applied. It envisages allocating specific funds to local partners in Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno Karabakh to elaborate, plan and implement conflict transformation sub-projects that they deem relevant in their respective communities and countries.

Special (RfR LCP) Program Committee comprising representatives from YMCAs of Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno Karabakh was created in 2016, to assess and approve the project proposals. Based on previously elaborated criteria, the Committee reviewed submitted project proposals from YMCAs of Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno Karabakh; and upon issuing recommendations and subsequent
amendments, approved all proposals.

During the planning meeting in Hintersee, the Program Committee will review the submitted project proposals from YMCAs of Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Nagorno Karabakh to be implementsd in 2018.