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„Re:Act-Re:Make-Re:Solve" is a youth exchange that will take place in Romania, Baia Mare town between 28 October – 6 November 2013.

Category: National movements events
Date: 28th October 2013 - 6th November 2013
Place: Baia Mare, Romania


This exchange will bring together 30 youngsters from Hungary( ReCreativity Social Enterprise) , Moldova ( Guvernul Tinerilor ) , Georgia ( YMCA Georgia) , Azerbaijan( ADSAYO) , Latvia( YMCA Latvia) and YMCA Romania, 12 of them coming from less opportunity backgrounds. This project promotes active and responsible citizenship in finding and promoting solutions for environmental problems with art and design, exchange of best practices of creative recycling, using media and recycled art as tools of intercultural learning and youth work. The inclusive environment of this exchange enables and fosters the dialogue between youngsters from different cultures and backgrounds, solidarity, sense of tolerance, diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship. The main themes are environment, art and culture.

The objectives of the exchange are focused on:

  • Promote active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular among youth
  • Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, especially in order to consolidate social cohesion in the European Union
  • Promote mutual understanding between young people
  • Promote European cooperation in the youth field
  • Young people participation
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Commitment to inclusive growth: fight against poverty and marginalization
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Providing support to young people with fewer opportunities who live in rural and poor urban areas
  • Environment
  • Develop the abilities necessary for employment and entrepreneurship skills
  • Projects promoting the concept of voluntary
  • Involvement of youth from rural areas and children and young people from the Roma community.

Full information: www.ymca.ro/index.php/training/347-react-remake-resolve.html
Source: Alina Pop
E-mail: alina.ymca@gmail.com