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22nd August 2017

August 11 - 13 at the YMCA Camp Daranak (Armenia), a Programme Forum was held for the Syrian - Armenian group leaders, within the YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation project - Local Capacities for Peace component

Such a privilege and honor to continue the project, which started 10 years ago and to work with people who are the creators and staff of this great project. And to continue it not as a participant but as a person who is here to give and share something.

So, now I am in a stage where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience that I gained during these 10 years by participating in different RfR events. And it is not only about knowledge, information, tools, and techniques but also about feelings and emotions.

It was decided to gather experienced Rooters from Armenia, Peace Work Alumni, who will realize trainings for the Syrian-Armenian YMCA leaders, based on the group needs. The leaders who will lead and implement the camp for more than 80 teenagers and young people in the scope of RfR Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool.

I think, it is very important for old and new generations of Rooters to come together, talk, learn from each other, share and, why not, to have fun. That's what we did from 11 to 13 of August in Daranak, Armenia. In a resource center, which was built by RfR project support, in a lovely place with stunning view to beautiful Lake Sevan, amazing sunrises and sunsets. The place was not chosen by accident, it is one of the tangible results of the projects. And the place somehow was also a bridge between old and new stages of the Roots too.

During the training, we present what Roots for Reconciliation project has done for these 10 years, what the whole project is about. And because it is also about personal growth and more about feelings and emotions me, Tatul and Haykuhi, people who passed through lot with this project, shared our personal Roots stories as well.

We shared about Do No Harm methodology as a main tool, which is used for implementation of the events in the scope of RfR. We talked about team-building, and leadership, emotional competence, about feedback and evaluation and shared some tools, which can be useful for the camp implementation. We also shared some games, activities and had great 3 days together.

Wish our friends luck and to have an unforgettable camp!

The Programme Forum was organised within the YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation project Local Capacities for Peace component with the aim to prepare the Syrian - Armenian YMCA group leaders for successful implementation of their project starting on August 19th and funded under the RfR Seed Grant Tool.

Author/Source: Lusine Vardanyan - YMCA Armenia, Alumni of the RfR Peace Work Institute

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