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1st September 2022

Have you ever associated negative or positive emotions when opening your screen or using an app?


A notification from someone dear that immediatly draws your attention, an email you are still not inclined to write just yet, a photo posted online by a friend in a high-class setting that makes you question whether you lack something in skills and attitudes? 

We feel you. We are in the same place as you, all using digital technologies and opening/shutting screens daily.

And because we spend a lot of time with youth workers and young people, we got to see that there is a strong relationship between one's behaviour and the constant use of digital technologies and screens.

For instance, a participant in our research shared this:

"I realised that one's online activities are very important in defining his/hers/their personality/status, which shouldn't be the case." 

Now, being a tool and not a notification, most probably you will not find this assessment as thrilling as a pop-up message on your screen. But what if we told you this is a notification sent by you to you? Would you open it?

We created this self-assessment to support you reflect on your relationship with digital technology and screens.

When going through the questions acknowledge how you feel and choose the option that best reflects your behaviour in general. There aren't any good or bad answers, this is just how you feel. And this assessment isn't meant to make feel good or bad about yourself.

It's an exercise meant to support your self-reflection process and contribute to the future shaping of that relationship.

There aren't any socio-demographic information that we request you to share. In order to receive a copy of your answers, you will have to write down your email address. You can always choose to hide your email address by using similar options to the ones presented here.

*The self-assessment was developed within the "AlwaysON for Youth", Erasmus+ project. You can read more about it here: https://www.ymcaeurope.com/alwayson-for-youth.


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