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14th July 2020

Within the Movement Strengthening priority and Youth Empowerment focus, YMCA Europe has joined the team of National Movements, which elaborated and won the project on organic governance and quality development with YMCA Slovakia as an applying and leading organisation.

YMCA Slovakia, YMCA Czech Republic, YMCA Scotland and YMCA Europe are implementing now a joint project “Organic Governance and Quality Development”, supported by Erasmus+, Key Action 2 programme, 2 years term. 

Yesterday, YMCA Europe invited all National Movements to join the working group on “Organic Governance”. The Team will mainly explore different aspects of governance, investigate current trends, needs, challenges and success in this sphere; collect best practices and bring all information in some kind of a Manual that will serve as a practical toolkit for YMCAs.

We believe that the results of this project will be beneficial for many National Movements as this initiative is a part the Movement Strengthening priority of YMCA Europe and aims to explore governance sphere so to make it more inclusive and appealing for young people, to provide succession and sustainability in YMCAs as youth organisations.

We are sure that many YMCAs have the capacity to contribute to this area as already provide excellent continuity and youth empowerment in the sphere of governance.

Author/Source: Olga Lukina / Executive Secretary for Movement Strengthening