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14th July 2020

An International Team of the “Organic Governance” project is discussing key challenges and successes in the governance sphere and ways how to assist each other in order to create even more efficient, transparent, representational, democratic and appealing systems of governance.


We invite other National Movements to collaborate!  Completing the surveys on governance will help us to understand how we shall move forward. 

A tangible output (Manual on Governance) will be created as a result of this work. 


Survey for Key Leaders of your YMCAs involved in governance

We invite Key Leaders of your YMCAs involved in governance to fill it in:
  • National Board Presidents,
  • National Board members,
  • National Auditing Committee members,
  • Local Board Presidents and Local Board members,
  • National Secretaries General,
  • Local Chief Executives,
  • Key Staff (influencing main processes in the organisation).

Survey for YMCA members in non-governing positions
We invite YMCA members in non-governing positions to complete it:
  • programme leaders,
  • programme participants,
  • volunteers from 15 years old,
  • staff (not taking leading positions)
  • other respectful roles not connected with governance.



Replies will be kept anonymous and the deadline is 31 January 2021

YMCA Slovakia, YMCA Czech Republic, YMCA Scotland and YMCA Europe are implementing a joint project “Organic Governance and Quality Development”, supported by Erasmus+, Key Action 2 programme, 2 years term. 
YMCA Germany, YMCA Kosovo, YMCA Macedonia, YMCA Netherlands, World YMCA, YMCA Ukraine have joined the Team on Organic Governance too. 
We believe that the results of this project will be beneficial for many National Movements as this initiative is a part of the Movement Strengthening priority of YMCA Europe and aims to explore the governance sphere so to make it more inclusive and appealing for young people, to provide succession and sustainability in YMCAs as youth organisations.  
We are sure that many YMCAs have the capacity to contribute to this area as they already provide excellent continuity and youth empowerment in the sphere of governance. 
Please contact us (olga[at]ymcaeurope.com) if you want to join the Organic Governance group or share any best practices in the governance sphere. 

Author/Source: Olga Lukina / Executive Secretary for Movement Strengthening

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