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Next Conference with YMCA Europe Catch the Vision Series

23rd April 2010

It is with much pleasure that we invite you to enrol participation for the next conference within the YMCA Europe Catch the Vision series this time under the motto “Young Europe–Old Conflicts”.

It is designed to give a chance to young people across Europe to meet and discuss the YMCA Mission through sharing knowledge and experiences, ideas and visions.

The event will take place October 18 - 24, 2010, in Yerevan Armenia, and will be in logical concurrence with the YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation project, a long-term initiative launched to promote peaceful transformation of conflicts in the Caucasus region.

Thanks to the financial support secured from the Council of Europe, EED - Germany and ICCO - Netherlands, the YMCA Europe has the privilege to offer the selected participants free board and lodging, as well as refund of travel costs, apart from visas. Meanwhile the participants will be expected to pay registration fee at EUR 100.00 and make cost effective travel arrangements.

The deadline for submission of applications is June 30, 2010.

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