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    Memories of the days spent in Prague during the Festival are still in our minds. Hopefully they will stay for a long time and we will continue being inspired by the huge potential that such an event provides to each...

    11th October 2013

  • Supervision in Youth Work - YMCA Training course in Iceland

    In one of the summer camps of YMCA YWCA Iceland - Ölver, in autumn (not summer), somewhere remote in the Icelandic nature, a group of youth workers (not youth) came together to train themselves (not to camp). Thus,...

    26th September 2013

  • YMCA and Youth Empowerment for Social Transformation

    YMCA Europe and its YES group, including Change Agents are kindly inviting everyone in the age 18-30 for a unique seminar, which will take place in Gdynia/Gdansk, Poland, November 25-30, 2013.

    26th September 2013

  • Field Group Belarus Meeting in Butuceni / Moldova

    From 20th until 22nd September the YMCA Europe Field Group Belarus met in Butuceni, Republic of Moldova. Twelve people from seven countries participated in the meeting.

    25th September 2013

  • Field Group Ukraine Meeting

    Field Group Ukraine met 16 September in Odessa. 22 participants from six countries took part in the meeting. The main focus for the meeting was the issue of sustainability.

    18th September 2013

  • PRESS RELEASE: 5,000 young people inspired the YMCA and the world

    YMCA Europe´s Festival “LOVE 2 LIVE” had its closing ceremony last Friday August 9th. The participants agreed to spread the unique experience that they had lived in Prague among their YMCA members and friends....

    13th August 2013

  • PRESS RELEASE: YMCA Europe Festival 2013

    “For Peace, Justice and Youth Empowerment”

    2nd August 2013

  • Berlin, Germany, Youth Politics and the YMCA in Europe

    What do you get when a group of people from YMCAs all over Europe come together in Berlin, the capital of Germany for a 5 day seminar on youth policy in the European Union. A highly talented and knowledgeable group...

    31st July 2013

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Funds received up to September 18th in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Check here the YMCA response and projects across Europe.

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