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  • Belarus with Marc Chagall

    YMCA Europe innovative approach to the Resource Mobilization ...

    27th August 2010

  • YMCA Belarus Festival. Mobilizing yourself.

    Within an actual campaign on resource mobilization YMCA Belarus is also trying to find its own way of settling stability and progressive development. Unfortunately, according to the laws an NGO in Belarus can’t...

    25th August 2010

  • New Executive Committee for the World Alliance of YMCA's elected

    During the World Council of YMCA's, held in Hong Kong from 19th. - 24th. July, a new Executive Committee for the World Alliance of YMCA's has been elected.

    27th July 2010

  • World Alliance of YMCAs Appoints New Secretary General

    At the World Alliance Executive Committee Meeting held on 18th July, Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik was appointed as the new Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs. Eltvik will take up his new position on 1...

    27th July 2010

  • Catch the Vision: Young Europe - Old conflicts 2010

    It is with much pleasure that we invite you to enrol participation for the next conference within the YMCA Europe Catch the Vision series this time under the motto “Young Europe–Old Conflicts”. It is designed to...

    18th June 2010

  • Report of the YMCA Europe General Assembly 2010

    Over 110 people from 40 countries attended this year’s General Assembly which was held in the YMCA Training Centre in Litomysl, Czech Republic. The theme of the conference was “Now!”. It was the last in a...

    25th May 2010

  • Piece of Sweden found in Ukraine

    Some time ago I – together with my wife and the Secretary General of Ukraine YMCA, Viktor Serbulov, and his wife and daughter – visited Gammalsvenskby (the English translation of the name would be Old Swedish...

    19th May 2010

  • Roots for Reconciliation

    In 2009, YMCA Europe commissioned an external assessment of its Roots for Reconciliation project. The assessment was led by an independent consultant from the UK – Bruce Britton.

    23rd April 2010

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