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4th September 2017

Every year YMCA Belarus prepares new cohorts of leaders, so to provide succession in the movement and to prepare activists of civil society.

This year the School of Leaders of YMCA Belarus was organized for 18-35 years old volunteers who are already somehow involved in programs of the organization. The participants learned about civil society organizations, leadership there, social relevance, project management. They tried to describe and implement social mini-projects. They analyzed their way in YMCA and put short-term and long-term goals in their personal and social spheres.

Within social-mini projects, which are already implemented, we can name "Art for Equality" (@ART.ymca.brest), "School of communication and democracy in Domachevo village", "Inclusive ecological picnic", "Treasures of Ponemontsy people".

For YMCA Belarus "leadership development" has always been a priority as this is a keystone to success and sustainability of the movement. A new Strategy of YMCA Belarus, which is in progress of development, now puts it as one of the main aims.

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Author/Source: Olga Lukina