„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“

Movement strengthening

Movement Strengthening is a key Strategic Priority of YMCA Europe. A consensus around the importance of Movement Strengthening as a key strategic focus was achieved and it can be expressed in the following terms:

  1. YMCA Europe contributes to strengthening National Movements by focusing on Mission Clarity, Relevant Programmes and Sustainability.
  2. Movement Strengthening is the reason for the existence of YMCA Europe and what NMs expect from this working platform. 

YMCA Europe Strategy “Towards 2020” indicates the following outcomes and key initiatives within the focus of Movement Strengthening:

  • YMCA Europe understands and prioritizes the capacity and support needs of every national movement;
  • YMCA Europe has evidence that each national movement is clear about its mission, is socially relevant and institutionally viable;
  • YMCA Europe identifies resources for national movements development in Europe by working in cooperation with WAY and other YMCA alliances/partners;
  • YMCA Europe identifies resources for youth leadership development.

So, Movement Strengthening within YMCA Europe focuses on building the capacity of national movements in their mission, social relevance, institutional viability, financial sustainability and leadership development. Constant cooperation of National General Secretaries, diagnostics of NMs, assistance of experts, coaching, Leadership Academy are the key activities for reaching this.