„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


22nd December 2020

We are proud to share with you some highlights of YMCA Europe in 2020. This is a brief summary of the many efforts that we have collectively done to remain relevant, adding value to the excellent work of the YMCA at local, regional and national levels.

Every month we reported dozens of initiatives through our newsletters and the publications in our platforms. Looking back, also YMCA Europe had to quickly adapt to new realities and still taking this opportunity to thrive on chance.
As it was reported at the general assemblies, we successful completed the 2016-2020 Strategy with positive contributions to the European movement by Creating Spaces, Movement Strengthening and Representation.



This achievement facilitated a smooth transition in our governance body and therefore we want to express the deepest gratitude to President Mike Will and the Executive Committee members that finished their term in November. Together with the staff team, our leadership have built a solid ground, being a reference for our member movements, adapting activities to the new context and showing resilience and relevance in these unprecedented times.
In cooperation with National Movements and partners, we quickly made adjustments in our movement strengthening, programmatic, communications, representation and advocacy work with one clear objective: to continue delivering our mission following the purpose of YMCA Europe´s foundation 47 years ago. More than ever this goal was crucial.  
New tools and services were provided though our Movement Strengthening strategy, an innovative peace & justice project was approved and implemented in addition to “Roots for Peace”, a new dimension and impact was visible within our Communications plan, the impact of our Advocacy and Representation work within the main European institutions raised our profile, the joint work with other youth focused platforms was increased and our leading role was recognized by our public and private partners.

We have been inspired by the commitment and capacities of the National YMCAs and our different networks such as programme groups, committees and working platforms. The leadership and dedication of the diverse teams that form the European movement, made this year possible.  Our recognition and gratitude goes to each of each of the volunteers, members, staff and representatives of partner organizations that made this year a successful and inspiring one.
As we started drafting the new Strategic Direction, we look forward to the involvement of all our stakeholders in this work. Thank you in advance for helping YMCA Europe taking the next steps forward. Our main goal is to provide a solid and agile platform to our members, contributing to respond to contemporary issues affecting young people.
Thank you on behalf of our Executive Committee and Staff Team. Looking forward to working alongside with you in 2021!
Emma Osmundsen                              Juan Simoes Iglesias 

President                                                Secretary General







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