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Invitation - Journey for Justice - Palestine

Youth, 17 - 30, from all over the world are invited to join the Journey for Justice in Palestine.

Category: National movements events
Date: 30th June 2018 - 8th July 2018
Place: Palestine

It is our pleasure to announce out and open the door for the upcoming international youth Journey for Justice in Palestine, between the 30th of June (arrival) and the 8th of July (departure) 2018.

Youth between 17 and 30, from all over the world, in any background, religion or membership are welcomed to participate. Hence, please spread out and forward this invitation to your friends, groups and members who fulfil this age and could join.

The Journey includes guided tours and visits into various areas and sites to witness life under occpation and the Palestinian heritage and culture. This is besides professional presentationas and discussions on key conflict issues, while interacting and living together with Palestinian youth participants, to hear their stories / experiences / dreams and live their daily life. Palestinian participants are selected from the JAI activists and youth.

More details about the Journey and the Registration Form .

You may contact us for any question or further information:
E-mail: ihannouneh@jai-pal.org
Ibrahim Hannouneh
Media Officer / Exchange Programs Coordinator

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