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International YMCA Camp

Category: National movements events
Date: 7th July 2012 - 17th July 2012
Place: Koblevo, the Black Sea, Ukraine

International YMCA Camp "Big YMCA Family" will take place on the bank of the Black Sea during the warmest time in Ukraine. We're looking forward to meet groups of children aged 12-15 y.o.(flexible) from different countries, and a few grouwn-up camp-councelors with them.

The camp-counselors are expected to be active leaders/leaders of workshops/seminars/sport activities. We hope to have a camp for 50-70 people.

Everyday program of the camp will include:

  • devotions
  • swimming in the sea and sun-bathing
  • sport and games
  • handicrafts
  • Ten Sing
  • intercultural education
  • tasty ukrainian food! :)

We want to take into consideration all the best qualities and skills of the leaders of the YMCA camp to make it unforgettable!

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