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11th December 2020

YMCA Europe hosted a meeting of International Secretaries representing National Movements with specific international departments and staff assigned to this field or International Development Cooperation organizations connected with the YMCA.

YMCA Europe celebrated UN´s Human Rights Day on December 10th by hosting this meeting. The YMCA movement, stands solid behind the Declaration of Human Rights through the projects, actions and relations we develop at national and international levels.

The purpose was to reflect about this existing international secretaries network, strengthening this space for further cooperation and best practice sharing.

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Over 15 participants from different YMCAs and organizations joined the meeting and each of them had the opportunity of sharing expectations for this group.

As a summary of the joint sharing:   

  • from YE we will draft a “Terms of Reference” for discussion and adoption,
  • identify new participants within our European network,
  • guarantee that the group represents the variety of fields connected with international cooperation & relations,
  • include advocacy actions among the key pillars of our work,
  • use this platform for further coordination and joint work for international secretaries in terms of projects, applications & best practices sharing.

Working alongside and in communication with YMCA Consortium, making sure that objectives and contents do not overlap, was also an outcome of this session.

We will also make sure that this network is coordinating with the NGS Forum and of course with our governance structures and World YMCA.

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