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17th January 2020

If you want the opportunity to work as a leader in another country then apply to YMCA Brevik 2020.

Would you like to work as a leader in a summer camp?

YMCA Camp Brevik has more than 60 years of experience in organizing camps for children and young people. Every summer they organize different national and international summer camps. It is a lot about outdoor life, adventure, and canoeing, but also about sports and games and a lot of other crazy feats that can only be experienced in camps.

It is a demanding but grateful task to be the leader in a camp. Being a leader means being both a companion and a role model and being able to give the participants a helping hand. While getting the participants to give the best of themselves, one should also be able to set boundaries and create order.

Whether you have been to Brevik many times or if this is your first time hearing about this camp and getting the urge to work with them this summer, here is some information that is good to know.

To be a leader, you must be 19 years or older. You should like to work with children and young people and be prepared to live in the camp. As a substitute you get wonderful fellowship, friends for life, fantastic environment, leadership training but also offered food, lodging and 150 SEK per day.

The application for 2020 is now open!

You apply by filling out the application form here and then emailing your personal letter to sommarledare[at]kfumbrevik.se.

The recruitment process starts at the beginning of February and then proceeds until all places are appointed so for the greatest chance of getting the job you want, submit your application early.