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International Conference

"Cross Cultural" - The inclusive mission of the YMCA

International Conference - Germany

Category: National movements events
Date: 3rd May 2012 - 6th May 2012
Place: Dassel, Germany

Multicultural, intercultural - these are not only slogans. They describe our daily life. The question is only, do we realize it? Our villages and cities have become more diverse. The ways of people from different origins cross. People from different cultural and religious backgrounds live together > really together? > or just side by side? > or even against each other? People start off, seek a better life. They leave theis places. They cross over borders. They are called migrants. The reasons for migration are diverse. And so are also the life-situations in which they turn up again. Some settle, others - even after a long time - do not.

Some join also activities and pgrogrammes of the YMCA, others do not. And this not only up to those who should become intergrated. It is also up to those who always lived in the place.

From 3rd to 6th of May the International Conference of the YMCA Germany will be help under the theme "Cross Cultural - The inclusive Mission of the YMCA". International YMCA partners and volunteers and professionals of the German YMCA will reflect together about how people from different cultural backgrounds live together and how the YMCA, as an international Movement, should react, or even better, act. From which experiences of our international partners can we learn in the YMCA Germany and vice versa? How can our international partnerships be relevant for living together in the local YMCAs and groups, the communities and cities?

The answers to those questions shall be practical and relevant for our involvement in the YMCA.

We kindly invite you to an exciting "Learning-Conference" in Dassel/Germany.

More info - Marion Reichow, email: weltweit(at)cvjm.de

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