„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


15th March 2017

On February 23rd-26th YMCA Europe´s Executive Committee met in Bratislava.

For the first time ever, our governance body was able to meet at the YMCA building in the city center after it was formally recovered by YMCA Slovakia. After a long and challenging legal process, our Member Movement YMCA Slovakia has now achieved the full ownership of the building and by holding its meeting there, YMCA Europe honored and congratulated the Board, members, volunteers and staff represented by Dalibor Perasin, National Secretary General. On behalf of our working platform and the whole European YMCA movement, President Mike Will thanked our Slovak hosts for their achievements, hospitality and developments.

The agenda of Executive Committee included an analysis on how the new Strategy is being implemented, agreements on the next steps for the upcoming organizational review process, presentation of the 2016 finances before they are submitted to the General Assembly in April and reports from the different programme groups and the Secretary General. Updates about the 2019 Event, a review of the 2017 Operational Plan and the impact of our new Office in Brussels were also part of the discussions and the agreements taken.

Further information about all these topics will be included at the General Assembly and its working documents (Edinburgh, April 27-30). We remind you that you can find a summary of each Executive Committee meeting and GA at our web library.