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16th December 2021

By this article we want to present several examples of Investment and Purchasing internal policies.

They outline how the values of an organisation are implemented in this inherent sphere of daily management. They describe how organisations take into account different environmental, sustainable development, social, political, economic, ethical circumstances. 

  • Does an organisation choose a company to buy stationary which sells recycled products or products which can not be recycled?
  • Does an organisation accept sponsorship from the donors whose values are opposite to their own (from tobacco or alcohol producers, for example)? 
  • Does an organisation choose to invest in fossil fuel companies, arms companies or corporations violating human rights? 
  • What are the mechanisms of corruption prevention?

These simple examples illustrate the potential spheres described in the policy. 

As an example usually, organisations exclude investment in and sponsorship from companies engaged in any of the following activities: 

  • Fossil fuels; 
  • Gambling; 
  • Tobacco and alcohol; 
  • Armaments and militarism; 
  • Nuclear and uranium-based energy; 
  • Live animal export; 
  • Animal cruelty; 
  • Slave labour, child labour or other human rights abuse; 
  • Corruption or bribery; 
  • Environmental destruction; 
  • Polluting and carbon intensive activities
  • Pornography

Here are some examples of the Policy.

YMCA Scotland

YMCA - YWCA Sweden

The “Procurement Manual” provides the essential information and brief step-by-step procedures for procurement of goods, works and services. This document is intended to guide the procurement officials directly involved in the procurement activities.

Usually such documents contain:

  • Cost efficiency principles;
  • Transparency principles; 
  • Ethical code of conduct;
  • Anti-corruption procedures; 
  • Conflict of interest in the sphere of procurement;
  • Organisation of procurement: clear process of steps;
  • Tender process including Tender Committee and needed documentation;
  • Audit process.

Here are some examples of the Procurement Manual.

Green Public Procurement, European Commission

The Global Fund Procurement manual

USAID Procurement template

Movement Strengthening in YMCA Europe is aimed at building the capacity of organisations in different spheres including governance, internal policies, quality standards and strategic planning. Within the Organic Governance group of YMCA Europe we are collecting and presenting the best practices as examples of the documents which can be helpful for civil society organisations’ development.

The project “Organic Governance and Quality Development” is supported by Erasmus+, Key Action 2 programme.

Author/Source: Olga Lukina, YMCA Europe Executive Secretary for Movement Strengthening

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