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12th October 2020

The ESG Jamboree is one of the international events organized by the European YMCA Scouting and Jungschar Group.


Due to the coronavirus situation, the group members will not be able to gather for an international camp.

The spirit of the Jamboree will not falter, even though the physical camp has been cancelled.

The organisers are providing you with Not-So-Jamboree – The ESG Program Package, which includes activities suited for all situations: to do with your local group, in smaller groups or by yourself.

Share your experiences also on Instagram by tagging @esgjamboree and @esgymca Tagged stories and pictures will be shared here and on Instagram.

Foto credit: Ville Tarhala

Foto credit: Ville Tarhala

It will be held in Finland next summer and the camp dates are 30th July – 6th August 2021. 

The camp will be held and experienced in Evo, where it will join the long history of scouting camps held on the site.

We are aiming to have about 500 participants of which 25% would be our international friends from other ESG-countries: Germany, Hungary, Armenia, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Czechia and Switzerland. 

We welcome everyone ages 12 and up and encourage especially the youngest people to join us as long as they are born –09 or earlier.

Foto credit:  Atte Kesti

Foto credit:  Atte Kesti

The program will include a diverse selection of activities consisting of program valleys, amazing opening and closing shows and a hike.

You will have the chance to experience new things, discover new skills and you’ll get to challenge yourself! The program will be hosted on land as well as on water.

It has been planned to be easily approachable by our international participants as well. 

The activities range from more physically oriented programs to more societal topics:

  • green values, 
  • global warming and... 
  • our own roles in the society. 

The goals of the ESG Jamboree are: 

  • Internationality - International experience for Finns in their home country. A Finnish camp and culture experience for our international guests. We gather YMCA/YWCA Scouts and Jungschars all over Europe to Finland.  
  • Community – The Finnish YMCA/YWCA Scout groups are in co-operation making this camp happen in Finland. YMCA/YWCA and Scouting unite us together. What special does your YMCA/YWCA do in your country? 
  • Experience – Experience new adventure in the ESG Jamboree. A unique scout event in a Finnish forest. Exceed oneself, make new friends. Leave the ESG Jamboree with your backpack full of new experiences. 

Foto credit: Juha Nurmi

Foto credit: Juha Nurmi

Find out more about the ESG Jamboree from: https://ymca.fi/Y-Scouts/esg-jamboree-2021/ and follow us in Instagram @esgjamboree 

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