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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Bike & Upcycle"

The participants will be faced with the topic of transport, environment, climate change and sustainability.

Category: National movements events
Date: 2nd October 2022 - 10th October 2022
Place: Bitola, North Macedonia

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They will get a deep insight into the situation of the other European countries that are partners in this exchange, which will let them, compare the situation with their home country.

Therefore, participants can reflect on the similarities and differences in their realities, so they can better understand the context we live in as a baseline.

The working methods will be based on non-formal education principles. There will be diverse indoor and outdoor workshops.

Starting from introduction games, team-building games, lectures, brainstorming activities on various related issues that will be addressed, study visits, movie nights, reflections as individual and group work, as well as learning by doing in outdoor settings such as: riding bicycles in the city, bicycles repairing and revitalizing, thematic artistic expression on public spaces, mural painting, etc.).

Participants can join and/or rotate in different program groups focused on digital activism, bicycle repairs or artistic expression. For further details, check the information pack!

The aim of the project is to promote the bicycle as a means of urban transport that is saving money, is available for each member of the local community, is highly cheap, that fights global pollution while helping to live a more healthy life.

At the same time, we would like to inspire young people to become active at home in their organizations in promoting cycling as one way to protect the environment and foster active citizenship of young people.

This project is organised by YMCA Bitola, North Macedonia. More info here.



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