„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“

Empowering youth - Strengthening communities

The goal of the training is to connect the safe space of the project where the participants try to play different roles with the real life situations and to encourage everyone to become more proactive, independent and creative in their lives, while creating the life they always wanted for themselves and others.

Category: National movements events
Date: 1st October 2015 - 11th October 2015
Place: Cluj, Romania

"Empowering Youth - Strengthening communities" is a 9 days (except the traveling days) training course designed for 29 youth workers, leaders in 11 organizations from Europe. The training will be held in Cluj Napoca, European Youth Capital for 2015, Romania between 1-11 October 2015, being funded by Erasmus+.

Through this project we want to empower youth workers and young leaders to direct and control their own lives and to actively participate in the life on the organization and community. Furthermore, we want to empower them to actively deliver programs for young people and to participate in the governance and decision making of their organization. Through empowerment, the young people are able to transform their lives. For transformation, the young people organize themselves and self organization leads to create a caring, responsible and safe space in order to create fulfillment.

In our training we will focus on tools and skills. Skills can only be developed and matched to job needs when they are specific. To specify them, and identify the strengths, we need to experience, practice them, and ask ourselves how we think, feel and act in situations that are similar to those we can have at a workplace.

We will make a direct link in youth participation, engagement, volunteering and development of employability skills and how a program delivered by an organization could help the increase those skills. The media component focuses more on developing practical skills that will be useful both for the partner organization and for each participant for personal or professional purpose.

The project suggests a new and unique combination of methods and tools, which aims to develop physical, emotional, social, promotional and artistic/creational skills for its participants:

  • Social: by improving communication and expression, empathy, leadership skills, team-player roles, responsibility, respect, the sense of fair competition.
  • Emotional: by understanding that physical practice sets a series of chemical substances in our body, making us feel happy, satisfied, energized and more focused. By learning to use these positive emotions created through exercising, youngsters would become more and more motivated to engage into physical activity in order to feel better, be healthier and more productive.

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