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15th July 2020

YMCA Europe would like to introduce the “Conflicts of Interest Statement”, produced by the Chair of YMCA Europe Movement Strengthening Committee, Paul Smillie.

We trust that you can find this document helpful as guidance for your YMCAs to avoid misunderstanding in decision-making processes and create even more transparency in governance procedures.

The Health Check questionnaires analysis demonstrated that not all YMCAs have the Conflict of Interest Register or Policy.

The Movement Strengthening Committee will be happy to provide you more information about it if you are interested to develop such a policy in your National Movement.

It will be the first document in the “YMCA Europe Movement Strengthening Library

It will be a space where we are going to collect different documents, best practices, Y-Consultants’ opinions in the areas related to organisational sustainability and resilience. You can also contribute to this Library by sending the relevant to other YMCAs documents to this e-mail address: olga[at]ymcaeurope.com.

More information on it will come soon!

Author/Source: Olga Lukina / Executive Secretary for Movement Strengthening

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