„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“

Christian Orientation group (COG)

COG emphasizes the Christian identity and mission of the YMCA as an ecumenical lay movement, working independent of, but in cooperation with the churches.

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What we do

Following the Guiding Principles of YMCA Europe COG emphasizes the Christian identity and mission of the YMCA as an ecumenical lay movement, working independent of, but in cooperation with the churches. Constantly analyse what our Christian identity and mission means in today's European and global realities and translate it into action in these contexts.

Therefore we need to analyse and experience how today's young people experience the religious and spiritual dimension in their life, and promote YMCAs ecumenical approaches which in holistic ways express relevant forms of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

In practice

Along these lines the main objectives of the Christian Orientation Group are:

  • to facilitate a creative and inspiring expression of our Christian identity in the different organizational parts of YMCA Europe (devotions, taking part in festivals, developing C-oriented programs).
  • to create and hold a good relationship with other Christian European organizations (EYCE, WSCF Europe, SYNDESMOS, CEC and YWCA Europe).
  • to find young members and interested people to involve in COG

Past months

COG is in an ongoing process of reflecting on it's own role within and outside YMCA Europe.

This process involves:
  • reflection on something we can call 'YMCA Christianity', put into practise in the preparation of devotions for YMCA Europe activities on the thema: Don't bury your talents.
  • reflection on the (possible) role of YMCA in other Christian European organizations, put into practise by attending some meetings [click here for report of the CEC Assembly 2009 in Lyon] .

COG is trying to interest some (younger) people to take part in COG.

At the YMCA Europe meeting in Prague some younger people showed interest in COG. Due to other (YMCA) duties it isn't possible for all of them to join COG. We keep in touch and ask them to have a role in specific, shorter term, tasks of COG.

Future plans

The translation of our own Christian identity is something that needs constant attention. In COG and other parts of our organization. We hope to continue the good work that has done so far.

It is important to keep inspiring the people who join our annual YMCA Europe general assemblies.

Next to that, we hope to expand the Christian perspective in creative and innovative ways in the diverse structures and groups of YMCA. So, not only by actual devotions, but also by other forms and discussions in programme groups and movement development groups.

This might include a place in the Y-festival of 2012, or a theological conference, or whatever is needed or wished for to experience a Christian attitude in every part of our body.
In all the diversity we have in us. Great, inspirational ways to share the Gospel we all believe in and live from.

Not only in our own movement, but also outside it. It would be great to have a voice in other European ecumenical organizations. In order to reach that, we need more (young) people to be representatives of YMCA Europe (COG) on the different meetings. To learn from them and to share how we do it.


Friends are those people who are not member of COG, but are willing to share their ideas on special occasions. Some 'friends' helped us to prepare the Sunday devotion before the Prague Festival 2008. Others helped us by taking part in the devotions during the general assemblies. Also some people took part in meetings of other ecumenical European (youth) organisations.

So when you are young, or in your 2nd or 3rd youth, and you have original ideas, a practical scope or a more theoretically one, when you like the ideas above and can find some time and energy for this interesting work, please contact Marloes: Meijer.marloes@gmail.com.


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