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Change Direction - YMCA Transylvania Festival

Change Direction - YMCA Transylvania Festival

Category: National movements events
Date: 1st July 2011 - 3rd July 2011
Place: Sovata, Transylvania (Romania)

We invite all our partners to our biggest event this year to be organized in July 1-3 in Sovata. The motto of the festival is Change Direction - The festival with a heart!

This festival is designed to reach out to a wider group of young people going beyond our IKE groups and will intend to be the first so called Reformed Christian Youth Festival in Transylvania. We expect around 1000 young people accommodated in tents and cabins at the camping site in Sovata which will be the venue of the festival.

The program will be diverse and very similar in style to the YMCA Europe Prague Festival.

Expected participation costs: Accommodation 10 euros per person staying in tents (bring your own tents) and 40 euros per person staying in the cabins.

There will be a Festival Food Court where a range of food outlets with seating area will be provided. As a guide for the costs approximately 10 euros per day would cover the three meals. I hope you will consider joining us with a group for this festival. More information to follow.