„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


12th September 2017

YMCA Moldova is developing the camp program as the space for bringing up healthy, active, responsible youth.

On the 22-28 June 2017 YMCA Moldova ran a Camp for 150 young people and kids. The project was supported by YMCA USA and was implemented through YMCA Europe.

Near 65 older leaders went through the training during the camp and received education on such topics as volunteering, YMCA, camp program, first aid, ecological awareness, civil activism. They were leaders for 85 children, mostly from rural areas and vulnerable groups: from not full families, from very poor families. The program of the Camp included various activities: sports, education, first aid, ecological actions, meeting with fire brigade, scouting, workshops, competitions, cultural excursion, etc.

Older leaders were helping at constructing a Youth Center of YMCA Moldova, which is the main project for the movement now. When it is finished, YMCA Moldova plans to run their own activities there and use it as a source of financial stability. YMCA Moldova is developing Camp Program as one of the key ones, which can be organized on the basis of the Youth Center. The prepared leaders are expected to continue their work as volunteers of different programs including a camp one.

YMCA Moldova is a part of YMCA Europe Eastern Platform, which is currently developing Camp Program as one of the key ones, as it has great potential to work harmoniously with "spirit, mind and body" of young people and be highly relevant for the community.

Author/Source: Olga Lukina