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31st August 2018

Within YMCA Europe Roots for Reconciliation framework, as a component part of the Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool

From the 24th until 30th of July 2018, “CAMP FOR LIFE” took place in Patara, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh). It was the second camp project in the frames of Roots for Reconciliation Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool. The first camp, held in 2017, was entitled a “Camp for Hope” and the main goal was to mobilize the active youth and empower them through a youth camp as a safe space to express their opinion and to be heard after the war on April 2016 in the country. You can read more about the last`s year camp here. The “Camp for Life” was more targeted at capacity building and encouraging the participants to seek for possibilities for self-development and to count on their own abilities and potential and move a step forward.

Each day camp had 3 main components which were designed to build a healthy mind, spirit and body:

1. Educational part:

  • Training sessions on Communication skills, How to write a CV/Cover letter and prepare for a job interview, Team-work and Leadership, First Aid.
  • Meetings with Vardan Hambardzumyan, the YMCA Europe Executive Secretary and RfR Project team members and leaders and Mr Ashot Ghulyan, the Chairman of National Assembly of the country;

2. Cultural part:

  • TenSing, performances offered by participants themselves and by invited guests;

3. Sports activities:

  • Sports competitions and active games including a a first aid workshop.

The camp this year also was runed by Artsakh YMCA leaders in cooperation with a group of leaders from Armenia with a rich YMCA background and experience. Also, Roots for Reconciliation staff team: Vardan Hambardzumyan and Rezi Shavladze, together with members of the Local Capacities for Peace Seed Grant Tool Committee - Sandro Samadbegishvili, Lusine Vardanyan and Vova Ghulyan, attended some of the activities of the camp. 

80 participants aged 18 to 30, from different parts of Artsakh took place in this year`s camp, having a great time and leaving with some new skills, a lot of new friends, and sweet memories.


Author/Source: YMCA Artsakh