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This year YMCA Belarus celebrates its 15 years old birthday from the date of official registration and 20 years from the days when the first YMCA organizations appeared.

Category: National movements events
Date: 23rd July 2015 - 2nd August 2015
Place: Ponemontsy, Belarus

YMCA Belarus is happy to invite you to the Camp and Festival of YMCA Belarus "All Together", which will take place 23 July - 30 July, 30 July - 2 August 2015.

The venue
The venue for the events is the village of Ponemontsy, a picturesque place on the bank of the river Neman, 40 km from Lida. YMCA Belarus has its own plot of land and an old school building there.

The program
The name theme of the Camp and the Festival is togetherness. YMCA Belarus wants to promote the value of national culture, the value of the diversity of cultures, the value of peace. The program of the Camp will include educational, sport, entertaining activities, traditional Belarusian events and some work about the camp side.

The program of the Festival will include concerts, workshops, games, etc. The organizers wants to give space for YMCA teams to perform and to invite Belarusian and other foreign musical bands as well! Please, let them know, if you want to perform or provide a workshop!

Full information about the dates, costs, activities and registration is available here.