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12th January 2023

YMCA Europe is searching for an expert/trainer to deliver sessions on the topics of equality and intersectional discrimination.

Leadership Academy” Project is a tool of YMCA Europe, created to assist YMCA National Movements in developing talents and skills of their young leaders.

The project is co-funded by the European Youth Foundation and aims at promoting inclusiveness, peace, justice and diversity in local communities through enhancing the impact of refugee services and more representational governance processes in youth CSOs.


1. Knowledge of the themes:

  • Intersectional Discrimination, 
  • Inclusion,
  • Vulnerability & Vulnerability Analysis,
  • Equality and Equity,
  • Intercultural Dialogue,
  • Human Rights,
  • Compass Manual.

2. Skills and Experience:

  • Skills and experience of work with a group using interactive methods of non-formal education. 
  • Skills and experience of work in a diverse international group.

3. Excellent English language command.

Information about the Training

  • Training Dates and Venue: Portugal, Setubal, 18-21 April 2023
  • Working language: English
  • Title: International Workshop: Youth Impacts: equipping and supporting youth for creating more inclusive communities


Strengthen the capacity of young leaders of CSOs in delivering socially impactful activities in their local communities for refugees and other vulnerable groups


  • Develop knowledge and skills on intersectionality, vulnerability, inclusion, work with refugees, needs assessment, role of CSOs, impact, project design algorithm; 
  • Motivate young leaders for design of socially impactful activities for the refugees and other vulnerable groups; 
  • Promote Intercultural learning; 

Target Group: near 30 young people, youth workers, members of CSOs, from near 12 European countries, 18-30 years old.

We have a programme approved by EYF, it has the following outcomes of several sessions in these topics:

The participants receive:

  • experience they will be able to analyse and theorise. They have opportunity to feel what a social gap, vulnerability, discrimination is. They can feel and discuss what equality and justice means in a modern society. 
  • knowledge on the terms: vulnerability, inclusion, discrimination, equality, intersectionality, intercultural dialogue.

The participants:

  • are more motivated to work with these concepts and apply them in their youth work.
  • discuss different aspects and layers of discrimination through intersectionality concept learning more what the concepts mean.
  • analyse and present the vulnerable groups they are working with outlining which activities and why they organise them.
  • discuss various needs of different vulnerable groups, learning to apply the concept of intersectionality. The participants discuss how they know the needs.
  • see the influence of stereotypes on work with vulnerable groups, with a focus on refugees. The participants understand the high importance of needs analysis and individual approach. The participants understand that categorising people is the way to discrimination.
  • brainstorm several ways of needs assessment.

We will expect from the expert/trainer the joint discussion and adjustment of the expected learning outcomes and interactive methods of non-formal education which will be used.

The whole training lasts for 4 full days but the requested part will take near 6 hours (splitted on the first and second days).

Deadline for Application: 10 February 2023

How to apply?

Send a CV to olga[at]ymcaeurope.com 

In the body of the email we will appreciate a short and informal expression of the interest and motivation. 

The remuneration will be discussed individually. 

More info about the YMCA Leadership Academy, here


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