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12th May 2017

Lusine Vardanyan`s post

The Roots! 10 years! So much has been done! Countless memories, friends, projects, places! Lot of excellently implemented programs!

Now, 10 years later, 3rd phase of RfR and here we are in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the General Assembly of YMCA Europe is taking place and in this scope we have meeting of Roots for Reconciliation project's Local Capacities for Peace Programming Committee. It is my pleasure, privilege and honor to be part of a great team! The team which makes decisions on different project proposals from YMCAs in Caucasus region. The region, where, unfortunately, there are still conflicts and "hot" points. And that means that RfR has still something to do here.

As a participant of RfR who was involved in the project from the very beginning I can clearly see and understand the importance of the work we all were doing these years and the meaning of its continuation. That's why I am happy to be part of this phase as well.

We had discussions on projects from YMCAs of Armenia, Georgia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh), had comments, remarks and made our decisions! At this point it sounds like a great plan, so we are looking forward to the implementations of the projects and may they be fantastic, productive, helpful ones as the RfR projects used to be!