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1st July 2019

‘Do you know about Homelessness in Malta?‘ was the event organised by YMCA Malta in collaboration with The Hilltop

The event was introduced by Julian Holland, Events and Fundraising Officer YMCA who welcomed all attendees. YMCA CEO Anthony Camilleri spoke about the ways and methods extended by YMCA to assist those who are unfortunate enough to have to live without a roof over their head.

YMCA has in Malta been operating since 1976 and has constantly expanded its outreach to vulnerable persons through its diversity of care programmes.

Guest speaker, Mr Ed Eggink, Former President of YMCA Europe and Member of the Executive Committee of the World Alliance of YMCAs, gave an in-depth presentation on the role and presence of YMCA worldwide, which is this year commemorating its 175th anniversary. Celebrations are being held in London from the 4th to the 8th August 2018.

Tom Cusens spoke about the need to continue to raise awareness about the social problem of homelessness. Attendees were offered the opportunity, against a donation, to receive YMCA merchandising and a free entry into a lottery draw for two complimentary dinners at Tal-Kaptan Restaurant Qawra and at the Grain Restaurant at the Rosselli Hotel, Valletta, with the compliments of the AX Group.

At the end of this successful event, Anthony Camilleri presented a commemorative plaque to Jeffery Cachia Marketing Executive of AX Care in appreciation for having hosted the event for their residents who despite their venerable age participated with much vigor and enthusiasm.

Author/Source: SOURCE: Julian Holland, Events and Fundraising Officer YMCA