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5th February 2020

A great opportunity to be a volunteer in Italy for 8 months starting from April 2020!

This voluntary project aims:
• to reinforce the spirit of local solidarity towards a community objective of territorial development,
• to encourage the opening of the community towards knowledge and cultural and intercultural exchange
• to bring young people closer to volunteering activities and common good’s care.

The voluntary actions that are integrated with activities carried out with bottom-up initiatives and the commitment of the various stakeholders.

The objectives are:
1. to promote solidarity between citizens;
2. to develop the sense of citizenship in the local communities raising active participation;
3. to improve the sense of belonging and the knowledge of the places in which the project is realized;
4. to promote inter- culture and cultural exchange;
5. support personal development and growth with volunteers.

Volunteers will aim to:

1. promote the sense of citizenship and solidarity through the implementation of actions aimed at protecting the common good;
2. increase self-esteem through the service of actions of the common good;
3. increase personal and professional skills, competences and knowledge;
4. increase the sense of belonging, cultivate active citizenship, build a conscience of European citizens.

The organization aim to:
1. improve cooperation between organizations working in the youth field to bring young people closer to the promotion of solidarity and social inclusion;
2. improve the cooperation system aimed at a more and more careful territorial planning aimed at networking and exploitation of available resources.

Hosting organization
ALA Associazione Liberi Artigiani – organization active since 2009, works to develop an educational framework and workshop for adults, youths, children’s.
The methodology used, and the educational approach mix nonformal methods, art, creativity, and outdoor practices.

The aim of the organization is to promote social inclusion, active citizenship, respect and protect the environment.

The mission is to support the creation of future citizens aware and critics, able to express their will and thinking, to exchange opinions and to choose a lifestyle respectful of environment and resources. The organization work at national and international level and cooperate with public bodies, schools, and NGOct description.

Full information available in the infopack here

Contact: info.cognolorefuge@gmail.com
ALA’ s Organization team