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5th European YMCA Youth Workers Camp

Colors against discrimination

Category: National movements events
Date: 23rd July 2022 - 31st July 2022
Place: GERMANY | YMCA Camp - Storkow

Voluntary YMCA youth workers from many European countries get to know each other and present their youth work. They will exchange their experiences of youth work with people from refugee and migration backgrounds, discover and document new models of youth work from each other and with each other and network throughout Europe.

Young people with flight and migration backgrounds are especially welcome! Prerequisite for participation is that you speak English, have already attended a staff training course and have some experience in youth work.

Date Camp: 23-31 July 2022
Place: Storkow near Berlin www.cvjm-camp.de
Language: English
Participants: voluntary youth workers 16 – 25 years, including refugees + migrants

Theme: Colors against discrimination


  • get to know each other and present your youth work practice
  • explore youth work with refugees and migrants
  • discover diversity as a resource in youth work through experimental learning
  • new models for Christian youth work, which are beneficial for the development of social skills and personality building
  • network and arrange future cooperation
  • document and share new experiences of youth work
  • experienced participants of previous camps share their know-how


Participants are working in Plenary, Workshops and Courses on the theme, sharing their youth work experiences and learn and reflect new ways of Christian youth work. We are planning input on special themes + methods:

  • Intercultural Dialog & Understanding, YMCA youth work training
  • Outdoor-Experiences & Treehouse
  • Experiential learning in Sport and Movement
  • Music, Dance, Drama, Camp Band
  • Multi Media

Hosting Organization: CVJM-Westbund, Germany
Leaders: Beate Turck, Markus Rapsch, Volker Kamin
Participant fee: approx.. 150,- Euro
Airport: Frankfurt

Travel expenses are to participants or sending YMCA. Erasmus+ travel refund for EU partners: Depending on the distance.

Countries part of the Erasmus+ application: Germany, Czech Republic, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Denmark and Malta.

Contact: Markus Rapsch - Michelstadt2020[at]cvjm-westbund.de

More information here.

1,022,900 €

Funds received up to September 18th in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Check here the YMCA response and projects across Europe.

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