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17th January 2017

IMKA concert Series exists with the aim of promotion of classical music, its values and pro-European awareness in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

IMKA concert series hosts each year local and foreign artists of exceptional distinction, chamber music orchestras and choruses. Alongside concerts, pupils and public can attend masterclasses of famous musicians and showcase broadcasting sessions of famous composers work from different regions and centuries presented in a modern way with the use of latest technologies.

The project is realized with the support of Ministry of Culture of FBIH for the purpose of providing sustainable support and promotion of classical music, values and aesthetics that this music represents to broader community. It is introducing to families, children and youth its ideals, principles, values and affirming world-renowned musical artists and composers who have won numerous awards in showcasing excellent performing and artistic expression and talent, being true example of leadership and charismatic leaders of constructive change.

"Classical music chamber" music series serves for the promotion of classical guitar as a solo instrument, chamber music and group music orchestrating. Concerts are organized in big cities and small villages alike bringing classical music to the front door of all Bosnian Households without distinction and not depending on financial status of the family.

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