„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


19th April 2017

Listen to your heartbeat - listen to the pulse of YMCA in the past, present, re-think the future.

The International Planning Group is proud to present to you a clear picture of what to expect, but also be prepared to be surprised!

When the Planning Group was choosing the theme of the Conference, they wanted to take time and reflect on the special YMCA spirit. What makes us going all these years and what will keep us motivated for the future? Let's think about it, talk about it and enjoy each other company.

The Staff Conference is a special event that combines opportunities for professional learning with relaxing time, during which we will explore local culture, learn new forms of craft and participate at sports.


This time there is an unique addition to the Conference that is the city of Litomysl itself. UNESCO town with an exceptional atmosphere and opportunities to explore restored churches, various museums, castle area, wonderful gardens and of course Czech pubs with good food and great beer. And let's us not forget the YMCA Europe Training Centre where we will actually hold the Conference at. Place where you will feel the heartbeat of the YMCA. And how about to take part in the classical concert in the city famous for its music? Even that we are planning to offer.


19 - 23 September 2018, Litomyšl, Czech Republic

Be part of this Conference and trust that you will return home with the new knowledge about grant applications and with added professional skills, refreshed, motivated and knowing that you had many new friends all over Europe.

For more information, view and download the pdf brochure here.


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