„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


21st September 2016

66 YMCA scouts, bright sunshine and a packed program were the ingredients of this year's ESG leadership training and seminar.

With the big support of the Foundation CH GO it was possible that Scouting and Jungschar Leaders from Armenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Finland, Kosovo, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belarus and Switzerland could participate and share their program activities and learn lot of new things.

The 5-day long camp 24 - 28th of August, started with a photo orienteering through the city of Zurich. Afterwards everyone installed himself or herself in the camp house in Madetswil or the Tent village next to it. On the first morning, the participants were welcomed by Wilhelm Tell (figure from Swiss history), who was arrested shortly afterwards by Gessler's guards and was rescued afterwards successfully in a scouting field game. The participants explored the beautiful surroundings in Zürich Oberland including the canyon near the camp house.

Other program highlights were the day hike up to mountain of Bachtel, where Schellenursli (figure from old swiss children storybook) found his big bell on the tower and then the swimming in the lake Pfäffikon. Another Highlights were the campfires in the evening where games and songs were presented and exchanged. We received a visit by Juan Simoes Iglesias, the Secretary General of YMCA Europe, which impressed us with his charisma and experience in his workshop.

At the Annual Meeting of the European YMCA Scouting and Jungschar Group four new members were elected to the ESG Board, which newly includes seven nations (Armenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland, Finland and Germany). After these five days the 66 people from 9 countries formed a new group and came very close. What remains from this exciting week are the people and their stories, friendships, new ideas, games and a lot of motivation and new inputs for YMCA scouting work.

Check out the photo album of the event